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AsiaBSDCon 2012 Online Registration

Please read conference timetable before your registration.

Please note that "banquet ticket" is for a banquet on 24th (outside the venue), and it will not be included in your registration unless specifying the ticket explicitly.

If you want to attend "BSD Associate Examination", do not forget to visit BSD Certification web page and register yourself in advance. Note that if you want to attend it but do not want to attend the conference, do not proceed beyond this page. You can register BSDA Exam without registering the conference. Please register yourself at BSD Certification web page and come to the venue at the scheduled time.

Further announcements (including ones for future conferences) will be sent to announce mailinglist. Subscribe now!

Before proceeding to AsiaBSDCon 2012 online registration page, please read the following privacy policy carefully:

  1. Your submitted personal information via online registration page will be handled by AsiaBSDCon 2012 Program Committee, led by Hiroki Sato <>, and JTB, our travel agency. We use it for sending announcements and arrangement of AsiaBSDCon and future conferences only, not for purposes that have nothing to do with AsiaBSDCon.

  2. During the conference the Committee will take a photo and/or do a video recording in the venue without notice and they may include your face. They may be published on the official web site and/or other media such as a magazine without your permission after AsiaBSDCon. Note that the photo and the video which may include your face will be used for promotion of AsiaBSDCon only, not for other irrelevant purposes.

If you agree with these two terms, select "AGREE" below and move on to the registration page. Thank you for your cooperation.

Registration is closed. Please come to the venue and register yourself on site.